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HP 952 Ink Cartridge Quick Tips

HP 952 & HP 952XL ink cartridges are currently being refilled at select Costco US & Canada refill beta stores (includes all Setup H, standard and XL size cartridges). Click here for details.



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NOTE: A compatible (clone) ink cartridge can be problematic; the embedded smart chip may not provide reliable printer-cartridge connectivity once installed. Compatible/clone cartridges are typically purchased on-line or at select retailers (i.e  sold under a different label than the regular HP cartridge packaging and are typically manufactured overseas) and is essentially a “clone” of the HP original/genuine ink cartridge (if cartridge is original/genuine then the HP logo will be displayed on the side label of the ink cartridge). For the best refilling experience, only use HP original/genuine ink tanks which display the HP trademark/logo. NOTE: Our Retail ink refill labs will NOT refill non-genuine HP 952, 952XL or 956XL ink tanks.


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