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HP ENVY, OfficeJet Printer Diagnostic Service Test (HP 62 Ink Cartridges)

For HP 62, 62XL ink cartridge error messages which prevent printing, such as ‘Cartridge Problem/Error’ or ‘Incompatible Print Cartridge’, this type of problem could be an electrical connection issue between the printer and the cartridge (i.e. dirty electrical contacts on either the cartridge or printer carriage flex cable surface), or possibly an internal micro-electronic failure inside one of the HP ink c

artridges. It is very rare for both ink cartridges to fail at the same time – hence one of them is likely causing the issue.

The ‘Tap 41’ diagnostic service print test will help determine if the black or color ink cartridge has electrically failed or is improperly installed. Verify the cartridge(s) are thoroughly clean and firmly reseat both cartridges before performing advanced service tests such as the Tap 41 (or Tap 10), diagnostic print test.

NOTE: If the printer is stuck on the message “Non-HP Cartridge” or “Very Low Ink” and cannot be bypassed, this is another indication that the cartridge may have suffered an internal electrical failure.


To initiate the TAP 41 Diagnostic service test print, perform the following steps:

1. At printer’s main/home menu, select:

NOTE 1: Printer’s control panel buttons will NOT be illuminated but are functional.

NOTE 2: On select Envy/OfficeJet printer models you may need to choose: RETURN, HOME, RETURN, RETURN

2. At ‘Support’ menu, select ‘Reports Menu’. Select OK.
Scroll until the ‘print mech button tap’ menu is displayed.

3. Press OK, the ‘code = 0’ menu should be displayed.
4. Use arrows keys to change value to ‘code = 41′. When ‘code = 41′, select ‘OK’.
5. The diagnostic ‘tap 41’ service test report should begin to print using the color ink cartridge.
6. In the upper portion of the service test print, ‘Current Error‘ should state ‘None‘ for a properly functioning ink cartridge.
7. In the lower portion of the Tap 41 test print, the Black/Color columns should not have any values other than zero (0) displayed. If a value other than zero (0) is displayed in the area indicated then the cartridge is likely permanently electrically damaged and may need to be replaced with a brand new cartridge.


Supported cartridges:
• HP 62 Black ( C2P04AN )
• HP 62XL Black ( C2P05AN )
• HP 62 Color ( C2P06AN )
• HP 62XL Color ( C2P07AN )

Normally functioning refill ink cartridges will display “Empty”, “Low Ink”, “Counterfeit” and “Non-Genuine Cartridge” alerts – these alert messages are COMPLETELY NORMAL. Click here for more information on these types of printer alerts.



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