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HP 952, 952XL Cartridge Lock-Out: Bypass Instructions

HP 902, 902XL Cartridge Lock-Out: Bypass Instructions 



Since there are now 4 types of HP original ink cartridges in the market (XL/Regular, Setup, Instant Ink Setup & Instant Ink), there is some confusion as to which ones are refillable and which ones are not. Please refer to the following information prior to visiting one of our ink refill labs:


1. HP ‘Store Purchased’ Cartridges – REFILLABLE

HP Original Ink Cartridges purchased at store/on-line are supported for refilling – HP trademark/logo must be visible on ink cartridge or it will be rejected for refilling. Now includes HP 902/952, HP 902XL/952XL, 906XL/956XL. Refer to respective retail ink price list:


2. ‘SETUP’ / ‘SETUP H’  HP 62, 63, 64, 65, 302, 303 and 304 cartridges NOT REFILLABLE 

HP integrated SETUP / SETUP H labeled cartridges are NOT SUPPORTED for refilling as the printer will often reject the refilled ink cartridge.







3. HP Instant Ink 902-902XL-906XL SETUP H / HP 952 Instant Ink Ready Setup cartridges (come with printer)  REFILLABLE 

HP 902-902XL Instant Ink SETUP H cartridges and HP 952 Instant Ink Ready Setup cartridges are supported for refilling. NOTE: The HP Instant Ink Setup cartridges will not be listed in any retailer marketing materials or listed on retailer pricing websites but will be fully supported and will be refilled as standard size cartridges. All refills will receive a new smart chip to enable ink level monitoring.


4. HP 61/301, 62, 63/302, 64/303, 65/304, 902-903-904-905, 950, 952-953-954-955 Instant Ink cartridges NOT REFILLABLE 

HP Instant Ink Program Cartridges are NOT SUPPORTED for refilling (this is a special monthly subscription service from HP). These cartridges will typically list other cartridge #’s on them (i.e. European/Mexico equivalents) and will NOT state ‘Setup’. If you need to cancel out of the HP Instant Ink Program please refer to our article at the bottom of this page for instructions.


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