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How to Change Canon Printer Regional Code Setting

To change the Canon printer’s regional code setting (to accommodate ink cartridges from a different geographical region, i.e. USA printer model moved over to Europe for example), you can either contact Canon technical support who may charge you a service support fee and then guide you, specific to your printer model, on to how to change the regional code.  Or if you want to experiment with service mode operations yourself, then refer to our general Canon printer instructions below.


Changing Secret Codes via printer control panel.

Please exercise caution as these instructions vary slightly between different Canon printer models. Instructions for your printer may be different.


  1. Make sure the printer is turned off
  2. Hold the red “Cancel/reset” button (top right corner on control panel) down with a finger on your right hand
  3. Press and HOLD DOWN the “Power” button
  4. Let go of the “Cancel/reset” button and then press it twice
  5. Let go of the “Power” button
  6. Wait for the “Copy” button to stop flashing and go solid green
  7. Press the “Cancel/reset” button five times
  8. Press the “Power” button once
  9. Now press the “Cancel/reset” button the number of times required according to your country codes (see “Country Codes” below).. i.e. For USA press 3 times.
  10. Press the “Power” button one more time to commit the setting
  11. Press the “Power” button again to turn off the printer
  12. Your printer should now be set properly and you just turn on as normal


NOTE 1: This is an incredibly simplified list but it includes the detail that the service manual leaves out which is you need to press the power button to set the “setting” you want to be in.


Country codes

0 times – No change of the destination

1 time – Japan

2 times – Korea

3 times – US

4 times – Europe

5 times – Australia

6 times – Asia

7 times – China

8 times – Taiwan


NOTE 2: This is an abridged version of the instructions provided and doesn’t include some of the information about which press flashes what light, but it should help if you already have a service manual and can’t figure out how to set the mode after X presses.


Print Quality Problems?  (i.e. color shift, banding or can’t figure out which color is the problem?)


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