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Which cartridges can be refilled?  

The top HP, Canon, Epson & Brother inkjet cartridges can be refilled at any of our retail partners.

We do NOT refill aftermarket ink tanks which include all HP, Epson, Canon and Brother 4, 5 and 6 cartridge-based printer models; manufacturers trademark logo must be visible on cartridge’s label or the tank will be rejected for refilling. All 2-cartridge printer models, including manufacturer original and aftermarket ink cartridges, are supported for refilling. Laser/toner cartridges are not supported for refilling. Over 90% of the inkjet ink cartridges from the leading manufacturers can be refilled. Refer to refiller center’s list for cartridges currently supported. Refer to refiller center’s list for cartridges currently supported, otherwise refer to our general ink refill cartridge support list:


Refilled Ink Cartridge Troubleshooting Table:



Find a Refill Store Location (USA, Canada, France & Germany):


Premium ink refilling services are provided by major retailers in the USA, Canada, France & Germany; to find the nearest refill store choose from one of the retailer links below:

Retail Inkjet Solutions (Ink Refill Equipment Provider)


To find the nearest ink refill center near you…

Worldwide Ink Refill Store Locator



How to Refill Ink Cartridges (HP, Canon, Epson and Brother): 


Want to save further on ink costs?….refer to these tips and tricks:

Ways to Help Save on Ink Costs



What are the advantages of a refilled cartridge?

You save money on your cartridge purchase AND it is good for the environment since you get to reuse your cartridge.

Save Money-Environment NEW_soft edge


Using a machine-controlled fill process and your own well-cared for cartridge, you will get excellent quality for less than buying a new cartridge.

Cartridge Filling

“Most importantly, think about not only the up-front price of printer, but also the cost of refilling the printer you buy, how much you’ll be printing, and what you’ll be printing.….if you expect to print only a couple of pages per week, you may as well get a cheap unit…” – Popular Mechanics, Aug 2013


When should I refill a cartridge?

We recommend that you refill your cartridge as soon as you see the print quality begin to degrade or completely drop out.  Continuing to print a cartridge that is running dry can damage it (or cause air bubbles to be ingested into the printhead with respect to 4, 5 & 6 cartridge equipped printer models).

Magenta Ink Starvation

Stop printing when a color completely runs out (“ink starvation”) or damage to an integrated cartridge (i.e. two cartridge printer models) or permanent/built-in printhead (i.e. four, five and six cartridge printer models) can occur if you continue to print with the remaining colors only.

Stop Printing when a color drops out

How many times can I refill a cartridge?

Print cartridges can deliver excellent quality long after they first run out of ink.  The number of refills depends on many factors but, most importantly, how well you take care of your cartridge.  Customers can achieve multiple refills on a well-maintained cartridge before deciding to replace it with a new one.


What is the proper way to handle a cartridge?        

All 2-Cartridge Printer Models:

As soon as you remove the cartridge from your printer, place it into the plastic storage clip, provided after initial refill (for individual ink tanks, apply protective caps).  This will protect the cartridge and prevent it from drying out. If you do not have the clip, place 1 to 3 cartridges in a letter sized envelope, be careful not to rub print heads together when transporting. Keep in cool place. Bring in for refilling as soon as possible.

Transporting Cartridges-1_sm

For integrated ink cartridges (i.e. all two-cartridge printer models), do not allow print head nozzles to make contact with objects – this can damage the micro-electronics. Never place tape over the print head nozzles.

Do not tape cartridges_sm



All 4, 5 & 6 Cartridge Printer Models:

When refilling and using individual ink tanks/cartridges (i.e. 4, 5, and 6-cartridge equipped printer models), it is suggested to follow these general guidelines to help maximize print quality output and maintain a healthy printer.


Printhead Life – All 4, 5, & 6 ink cartridge Printers: 

The replaceable or semi-permanent PRINTHEAD will eventually fail over time with usage and age. NOTE: there are two (2) PRINTHEADs in the HP 88 & HP 940 ink-series printer models. Click here for more information.

Possible Printhead Failure? 



Advanced HP Printer Diagnostics

To view advanced printer diagnostics tests for your HP printer, click here:

HP Printer Diagnostics

RIS Company Information:

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For cartridge refill issues please fill out the ‘Contact Us’ inquiry form so we can properly assist you as detailed information will be required.

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