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HP Photosmart 3100, 3200, 3300, C6100, C7200, PSC 7280 Printer (With 1-9 Keypad)

For the HP Photosmart 3100, 3200, 3300, C6100, C7200, C7280 & PSC 7280 printer series which use HP 02 and HP 02XL ink cartridges and feature a keypad display, you can perform the Tap 43 diagnostic test to help determine if the built-in PRINTHEAD is functioning correctly:

Tap 43 Report – Printhead Diagnostics Procedure:

1.            Turn ON the printer.

2.            Press * and # keys simultaneously.

3.            Enter ‘123’ on keypad.

4.            At ‘Service’ menu, click the Right Arrow 7 times until ‘Reports Menu’ is displayed.

5.            Select Ok, then click Right Arrow 2 times until the ‘print-mech button tap’ menu is displayed.

6.            Select Ok (‘code = 0’ will be displayed); click and hold Right Arrow until ‘code = 43’ is displayed or enter 43 on keypad.

7.            Select Ok. The ‘Tap 43’ diagnostic test page prints.

8.            Check the 4th line at the top of the printed report; an electrically good/stable PRINTHEAD ‘Pen Status’ will state “Pen Status:  Pen OK”.

Tap 43 Report_HP PS D7460_partial with circle



To view advanced diagnostics tests for your HP printer model, click here:

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NOTE: The electronic printhead, which the ink cartridges plug into within carriage, is responsible for pulling ink from the 6 ink cartridges and firing ink drops onto the page, will eventually fail over time. This is primarily based on a combination of total printed pages (rated duty cycle) vs. image content and printing frequency. Dry firing, where one particular color is not printing, can significantly increase the chances of a permanent printhead failure.

HP 02 Printhead_sm





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