Ink Cartridge Refill Help Center

HP 564/920 Low Ink Warnings

NOTE: “Empty” and “Low Ink” alerts are COMPLETELY NORMAL for all HP 564/920 ink cartridges (tanks) which have been refilled!  While at first this may be considered an unusual workflow, it does allow print operations to proceed. However, losing this feature is not necessarily significant, because the ink level indicator usually has substantial usable ink remaining when it shows “low on ink”. Ink level monitoring is primarily for planning purposes only – it is not required to support printing.

If you observe “Unauthorized ink”, “Counterfeit Cartridge”, “Non-HP ink”, “Depleted ink”, “Refilled Ink”, “Cartridge Warranty will be Void” or similar ‘nuisance/annoyance’ messages, you may ignore/bypass each message by pressing ‘Dismiss’, ‘Continue’ or ‘OK’ for respective ink cartridge, so that the printer resumes its normal operation. These types of annoyance messages should be expected when using refilled ink cartridges.

HP 564/920 Refilled Ink Cartridges – Low Ink Warnings & Alerts: 

NOTE: HP does not allow an automatic reset of the electronic chip on the cartridge after a refill, so the ink level indicator is sending a false message that the ink level is low. Your cartridge is not low on ink, and nothing is wrong with your printer or cartridges. The ink level indicator usually cannot be manually re-set, so the ink level indicator is often not usable.

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