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HP 15, 17, 23, 41, 45, 78 Ink Cartridge Level Reset

Ink Cartridge Level Reset Procedure

Ink level monitoring can be reset with select early generation HP ink cartridges. Two procedures are provided down below.


HP 15-17-23-41-45-70 Cartridge Ink Level Reset Procedure



Ink Refilling & Cartridge Care Tips – Everything you need to know:


HP Cartridge “Low Ink” Warnings Explained:


How an Integrated Ink Cartridge Works: 

Advanced Diagnostics:

To view advanced diagnostics tests for your HP printer, click here:

HP Printer Diagnostics


CAUTION: Be advised, the use of compatible/clone cartridges (i.e. knockoffs sold thru the internet from overseas) are known to be problematic and may cause printer errors. We do NOT suggest refilling these types of ink cartridges…..refilling of original/genuine ink cartridges is only suggested!

HP 15/78 Ink Refilling Services & Additional Cautions:

HP 45/78 Ink Refilling Services & Additional Cautions:


NOTE: Did you know you can purchase a remanufactured original HP ink cartridge from our portal? You can also save an extra 15% by entering code ‘SAVE15’ into the Voucher field during cart checkout:






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